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We are limitedly accessible via telephone and emailWe are limitedly accessible via telephone and email

Discountershop Efficient and Space-Saving Storage Solutions | Stackable Bins | 36cmx29.5cmx22cm | Storage Baskets | 17Liter | Plastic Organizer Boxes for Home Organization

Product description

Premium Storage Solution: Plastic Bins for Organized Spaces

Discover the ultimate in home organization with our white plastic storage bins. Crafted from durable kunststof, these storage containers are designed to streamline your living spaces efficiently.

Versatile and Practical Design

Each plastic bin measures 29.5cm in width, 36cm in length, and stands 22cm tall, offering a generous 17-liter volume for all your storage needs. Ideal for home storage solutions in closets, garages, and beyond, these bins are lightweight at just 410g, making them easy to handle and maneuver.

Seamless Organization

Organize with ease using these stackable organizer boxes. Whether you're tidying up the garage or decluttering the pantry, our storage baskets ensure everything has its place. Perfect for sorting toys, clothes, pantry items, and even office supplies, these bins fit seamlessly into any room.

Stylish and Functional

Designed for both practicality and style, our storage boxes in crisp white blend effortlessly with any decor. Use them as organizing bins to bring order to chaotic spaces, from the living room to the bathroom.

Tailored to Your Needs

From toy storage in the playroom to storage bins for clothes in the bedroom, our versatile bins cater to every corner of your home. Keep linens neatly stowed in the closet or store bathroom essentials tidily under the sink.

Durable and Reliable

Built to last, these plastic storage bins offer durability without compromising on aesthetics. The secure lids ensure contents stay protected and dust-free, while the ergonomic handles make transporting them a breeze.

Practical Applications

Utilize these storage bins for toys to create a clutter-free environment that encourages creativity and play. In the kitchen, designate bins for organizing pantry staples or use them as storage bins for office supplies to maintain a tidy workspace.

Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness is effortless with our easy-to-clean storage bins for laundry. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking pristine and ready for their next use.

Transform your living spaces with our versatile plastic bins, crafted for durability, functionality, and style. Whether for home storage, garage organization, or toy storage, these bins are the perfect solution. Elevate your organization game today with our premium storage containers.

Tips to maintaining the quality and longevity of plastic bins and organizer boxes:

  • Regularly clean bins with a mild soap solution to prevent buildup.
  • Avoid storing heavy items beyond the specified weight capacity.
  • Store bins away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and warping.
  • Use dividers or inserts to prevent items from shifting and causing damage.
  • Ensure lids are securely fastened to keep contents protected and dust-free.
  • Rotate stored items periodically to prevent prolonged pressure on one area.
  • Opt for bins with smooth interiors to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Replace worn-out bins or cracked lids promptly to maintain functionality.

Here are some facts about storage containers:

  • The concept of storage containers dates back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations using clay pots and woven baskets for storage.
  • Plastic storage containers gained popularity in the mid-20th century for their lightweight and durable properties.
  • The largest plastic storage container can hold up to 100 liters of liquid, equivalent to about 400 cans of soda.
  • Storage containers are used not only for organizing but also for shipping goods worldwide, ensuring items arrive safely.
  • Some innovative storage containers are designed to be collapsible, saving space when not in use.
  • The world record for the tallest stack of plastic storage containers stacked is over 3 meters high!
  • Specialized storage containers exist for storing everything from shoes to holiday decorations, catering to various organizational needs.

How do I choose a storage bin size?

When selecting a storage bin size, consider your specific needs and space. Rattan storage baskets offer a stylish, eco-friendly option, blending aesthetics with functionality. Plastic woven rattan bins provide durability and a natural look, ideal for organizing various items. Choose storage bins that fit seamlessly into your decor and accommodate the volume of items you plan to store. Whether for household organization or office use, ensure the bins are sturdy, easy to access, and complement your space. Prioritize quality and design to maximize both storage efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

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